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The principal challenge of my own life as a philosophically-minded Christian believer, minister, and professor has been to balance the promptings of individual conscience with what both the Christian tradition and other religions regard as truths worthy of being cherished by people everywhere. Seminary training and a Ph.D from Yale have helped. Post-doctoral work in psychotherapy and pastoral counseling have, too, along with challenges from inspiring colleagues across my years of teaching at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

But most especially, what has helped is a supportive family.

Nancy and Leroy Howe

Nancy and Leroy Howe

My wife and best friend, Nancy, and I live in Richardson, Texas. We have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Allison, and two grandchildren, Reiss and McKenna. If you ever feel hesitant to tell me what you think of the postings on this site, be assured that not one of these five loved ones does.


Is there anything about the way I’ve written any of the blogs on this site that you’d like to question, challenge, or have some more dialogue about? I’m open! Please contact me: asklhabout@aol.com.


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